A building report includes

Our easy to understand building reports are written in plain English and are typically supported with over 100 photographs. The detailed building report will outline any problem areas with the house and you will be made fully aware of any costly or not so obvious problems if they exist at the property.

It makes sense when investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to be sure you know what condition the property is really in. Contact our inspection team for your comprehensive building report.

  • Roofs, vents, flashing, and trim

  • Gutters and downpipes

  • Skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations

  • Decks, steps, porches, walkways and railings

  • Eaves, facia and soffits

  • Slopes and drainage

  • Basements, foundations and crawlspaces

  • Exterior cladding

  • Retaining walls, fences and sheds

  • Heating systems

  • Cooling systems

  • Water heating systems

  • Moisture testing

  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings

  • Electrical panels, meter boxes and fuses

  • Grounding and bonding

  • Fireplaces and hearths

  • Insulation and ventilation

  • Garage doors, safety sensors and openers

  • Much more...

Largely because of the epidemic of leaky homes, the home inspection industry has grown dramatically in New Zealand in the past 20 years or so.

Construction methods and materials, especially in the 1990’s to the early 2000’s lead to a high risk of buildings developing weathertightness issues. During this period dwellings were often built without a cavity system which would allow the water to drain away should it get behind the cladding.

Timber framing often used during this period was untreated which could easily rot when it becomes wet. The risk of water penetration was highest where designs had no eaves and when monolithic systems which relied too heavily on construction sealants and paint to prevent moisture penetration through the cladding were used.

As a result, it is now normal practice for a building report to be a condition of a sale and purchase for real estate. Operating in North and South America, India, Europe and New Zealand, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is part of a world-wide franchise of skilled, qualified, well trained and comprehensively insured building inspectors.

New Zealand Standards for Residential Property Inspection and Building Reports


It may shock you to know that there is no legal requirement to be a qualified, trained, licensed or insured residential property inspector in New Zealand. All A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors must meet the same qualification requirements that are needed to be a licensed home inspector in the USA or Canada to operate in New Zealand under our franchise name.

This requirement states that home inspectors must study and pass exams as set out by the licensing states or provinces in those countries. This is followed by on the job training with a qualified Building inspector before any A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspector can carry out house inspections and prepare building reports on the condition of the house.

In 2005 New Zealand Standards NZS 4306:2005 was released which set out the way residential property inspections should be conducted. Fourteen years later there is still no regulatory requirement to follow this standard.

Here in New Zealand all A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections comply with NZS 4306:2005 and a certificate of compliance is issued with every inspection. In addition, all New Zealand A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors are members of InterNACHI, the international association of certified home inspectors and adhere to the associations standards of practice. See InterNACHI for further details.

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